• Electric-spark engraving pen

    engraving pen

    Metal marking

  • Lacquer markers GXin

    Markers GXin

    for permanent description of metals, plastics and other surfaces, they are characterized by high quality and low price.

  • Pfinder sprays

    Pfinder MT sprays

    the renowned German manufacturer of spray and concentrates for NDT

  • Sale UT probes Doppler

    Doppler sale

    In offer is now big sale of the Doppler ultrasound probes.

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  • Transport

    We use PPL company for goods distribution.

  • Contact

    For questions please call: +420 596 744 163-164.

  • Payment

    New customers shipped goods on receipt of your payment to our account or invoice. Loyal customers are the classic issue an invoice with a maturity of 30 days.

Information for Customers

Goods that are in stock shipped within 3 working days.

For goods that have not sold will find the delivery date and we'll let you know.