About us


Since establishing of our company we have aimed our activities on applied research and development of devices designed for various kinds of non-destructive testing.

We have achieved a remarkable results with our products for ET, MT, PT, UT testing. We are on the top in applying the demagnetizing devices, production of examining devices for ET quality control of welds of longitudinally welded pipes, MT and UT control of axles and rail wheels, MT and UT control of pipes endings etc. We produce also first-rate devices for operational measuring of magnetic fields, density, UV and we have developed several types of UV lights, MT benches and many atypical NDT devices as for example electric spark engraving pen and many other products. More than 30% of our products are exported.


The sales segment of our company is focused on devices, equipment and even the consumer material for all range of NDT assortment.

Our experts are able to offer equipping and material provisioning of every NDT department. Except for our own products we offer goods from the world leading NDT technology producers and many of them have already named us as their authorised distributor.